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About Us

Found in 1999, ServerHK (服務器香港) now have over 30 professional technicians, 1000 plus servers and 3Gbps Local and 2Gbps International Bandwidth in Hong Kong, Asia.
With above 99.9% uptime, 30 plus listed companies, 10 plus Hong Kong Government Departments and a significant amount of financial systems are enjoying our secure, stable and flexible solution.

Server HK has a team of professional technicians in Data Center providing IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) to different scales of companies in Hong Kong. Our services can be as fundamental as Cabling, Networking, Broadband Internet, Computer and Server Purchase, buy, rent, lease and setup IP Phones, etc. to be as advance as Web Design, Web Programing, CRM & ERP Development, Web & Email and FTP Hosting by Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server Rental or VPS (Virtual Private Server / Cloud Server), Server Colocation, Game Hosting (Game Server), Backup Solution, Disaster Recovery, etc in Server Hong Kong Data Center. has our own IP addresses from APNIC, our own international bandwidth supported by multi-upstreams, own Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers from Dell / HP/ IBM, own Data Center Rack Space Colocation and 24x7 professional technical support.

Server HK data center can also provide Server Colocation, BGP peering, GRE Tunnel, DDoS protection & mitigation, CDN, MS Microsoft Exchange 2010, IPv4 IP address purchase (buy / sell IPv4) and rental, APNIC account application, LOA for IPv4 to be used in other Data Centers with other Upstream, more than 5 international bandwidth carriers referral at an attractive price and a variety of custom-made services for particular requirement.

Significantly, Server Hong Kong provides Best Email Server Hosting service by utilizing Domain Keys, SPF, Spam filter, Virus Scan, SMTP, IP appeal through spamhaus, premium bandwidth for China and Asia, CCBoss monitoring by cc all emails to boss account, email forward, Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM), etc.

Remarkable Web Hosting Service is supported by user-friendly control panel including create FTP, MySQL Database, particular parts of hosting backup, scheduled backup, recovery upload function, secure, safe, fast, easy and professional backup by customer.

Hong Kong Server runs, sells, leases, rents and colocates Cisco Firewall, Router and Switch, Juniper Firewall (licenses) and Router, IBM Server, Blade Server and Storage, HP Server, Blade Server and Storage, Dell (Best) Server, Blade Server, Storage and Switch, Supermicro (cheaper option) Server Blade Server and Storage, TP Link (value choice) Switch, Intel Xeon CPU, AMD CPU, etc.

Tier 3 plus Data Center and Premium Bandwidth to Mainland China are the best environment in Asia for Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP - SAP, Yonyou, Kingdee), Customer Resources Management (CRM), Hosting Control Panel (Cpanel, Parallel Plesk, DirectAdmin), Virtualization (VMware, Citrix XenServer),  Financial systems (Online trading system, stock trading, Forex Trading, Metatrader, Meta Quotes, MT4, MT5), VoIP (Elastix), MS Exchange Mail Server (Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mail Server).

We see
1. Optimized Solution = Cheap Price = Best Quality = Competitive = Problems Free = Long Term Business