Buy / Lease IPv4


Buy / Lease IPv4
IPv4 is running out in the world. What Server Hong Kong does is to help gather
  • IP sellers
  • IP buyers
For those who purchased and own more than enough IPs, they would consider selling some IPv4 out so they can get some profit and reduce the maintenance fee.
For those who just start a hosting business or grow their business fast, they would need to purchase IPv4 which is to be under their account and their own company name.
However, both parties either find it hard to find the right person or get the process done.
Server Hong Kong comes in and help get this process done well for you.

Services include registration of new APNIC account, IPv4 transfer from APNIC to APNIC, ARIN to APNIC, ARIN to ARIN, etc..

For data centers who are short with IPs, it is no longer a problem.

For those who would like to rent IPs for particular projects, we do offer yearly rental package to ensure the IPs are assigned to your business for a safe period of time.

IP Ranges Price per IP Monthly Price per Range
/24 256 US$0.8 US$205
/23 512 US$0.7 US$359
/22 1024 US$0.6 US$615
/21 2048 US$0.5 US$1024
/20 4096 US$0.5 US$2048
more than /20 Custom price rates Custom price rates