Backup Server


FTP backup provides the most secure and reliable way to back up important data. Storing files on a remote backup server ensures adequate protection against hardware failures, natural disasters, theft and most other causes of data loss.

Backup Storage Size Monthly Rate  
100GB HK$500 Order Now
500GB HK$1,500 Order Now
1TB HK$2,000 Order Now
2TB HK$3,000 Order Now
100GB MSSQL HK$2,000 Order Now
10GB Per Exchange account HK$500 Order Now

*Tailor-Made Solution is also available upon request

Advanced FTP Backup Transferring Engine

DataCentre Backup comes with a full-featured FTP client that can be used in any direction: to store your PC backups remotely, back up data from FTP server, or copy files from one FTP location to another.

FTP Backup Compatible with Any Configuration

Full Unicode support lets you back up files named in Japanese, Russian, German and other languages. Well-thought algorithms allow backing up or synchronizing data from behind an FTP or even SOCKS5/SOCKS4 proxy servers.

FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

While Home Standard edition lets you back up to FTP only, higher editions (Home Professional and above) support secured protocols SFTP and FTPS.