Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is the next generation of "Three Tiers" Virtualisation Infrastructure.

Three Tier Converged Infrastructure includes Hypervisors(Servers with Computing Power), San Switches and San Storage. It is a stable Infrastructure mainly supporting Financial Services Industry (FSI) in Hong Kong well under Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Hong Kong.

However, the first choice for upgrading a Three Tier Infrastructure is buying a whole new set of Servers and Storage. It is not an effective, safe and eco-friendly solution.

Yet, Hyper Converged Infrastructure upgrade requires only a simple connection of an additional server to the switch. It allows no down time for extra computing power and storage.

Hong Kong is now focusing on the following few HCI solutions

vSAN - VMware's next generation virtualization solution

Sangfor HCI - The most user friendly, comprehensive(all in one) and cost effective Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Simplivity - HP's best deduplication and compression HCI (Least bandwidth required)

Nutanix - I/O leader with its own technology (Premium solution)

Each HCI has its own pros and cons. Please feel free to contact us for Free Consultation.